July 2014 Popsugar Must Have Box Review


One of my favorite hobbies is shopping. I know that sounds terrible, but look…if I can’t be honest with a fellow mom/parent, then who can I be honest with? I like shopping, it makes me happy. However, since we’re a family on one income, my shopping doesn’t go over very well with our budget. So, I’ve discovered one of the ways to curb my shopping is through Subscription Boxes. For under $40, I get a box once a month filled with mysteries, most of which almost always scratch that retail itch.

If you’ve never heard of them, Subscription Boxes are put together by big department stores or in this case, the ever popular PopSugar – a site that is all about pop culture, fashion, beauty, fitness… you name it and they probably have a post or link about it. It’s also one of my favorite places to checkout when surfing the ‘net.

I discovered their Must Have Boxes last year and LOVED them – my husband got me a 6 month subscription for Christmas. They’re always filled with little things I’d never buy on my own, but are handy or fun to have.

Take this month for example: one of the items was a jump rope, something I’ve been wanting to get forever but couldn’t seem to talk myself in to spending the $20 on. But here it is!

TKO Glacier + Ash Soft Grip 9 foot Jump Rope

Estimated value = $15

TKO 7_14 PS Jump Rope

It’s so hard to fit in some cardio while chasing the little ones around. Jumping Rope is easy, doesn’t take much space and best of all, SUPER effective. You can burn up to 1000 calories/hour jumping rope! Can’t wait to try this…

Next up is another item that I very rarely buy for myself but love. And while I’m usually pretty miffed when my PopSugar box doesn’t include something chocolatey, but I’m making an exception for these little snacks because they are so.darn.delicious!

dang Coconut “chips”.

Approximate value = $3


These littls snacks are SO GOOD, not to mention non-GMO, vegan, no cholesterol, high in fiber…just toasted coconut. Coconut has a TON of health benefits that you’ve probably been hearing about, but beyond being healthy and good for you, it’s just tasty!

With an estimated cost of about $3, these aren’t necessarily wallet breaking, but still not something I tend to splurge on.

Since this is a summer box, PopSugar added a sunscreen that I haven’t tried before.

Sun Bum Sunscreen and After Sun Lotion 3oz tubes

Approximate value for both tubes = $20

As we’re usually on the run (literally) outside in the summer, sunscreen is always a welcome addition. While I haven’t tried the Sum Bum brand before, I’m excited to see that the sunscreen is 30 spf and water resistant. Both HUGE pluses in my book. Plus, the aftersun lotion, with Aloe and Vitamin E, is perfect when you get just a little bit too much sun. Say, when you put sunscreen on your kids, but forget to put it on yourself. Not that I do that….


This next item is not something that would excite most people, but it certainly put a smile on my face! Again, not something that I personally would put money towards, but such a cute addition to my kitchen arsenal – salad spoons!

Ziggy Salad Servers by French Bull
Approximate value = $12


These salad spoons even match my bowl set! Score!

Another cute “kitchen accessory” in this month’s box are these straws:

ACME Party Company multi-colored Chevron Paper Straws

Approximate value = $7

I’m already planning a brunch cocktail I can use these in! Plus, this is the first item the girls noticed and they each grabbed one and shoved it in their Frozen cups, drinking happily. I’m down for ANYTHING that will encourage these girls to drink more water in the summer (normally they’re too busy!)…


Now, there’s always at least one thing in these boxes that I kind of scratch my head about and this month, it’s this hat.

Beach Hat from Michael Stars

Approximate value = $48


I just don’t get it. It seems like it’s well made, it’s not flimsy at all and I think there’s a wire in the brim, so while it has a floppy look it’s not actually floppy, per se. Maybe it’s because I’m generally not a hat person, or a brown straw person but either way, this is one item of the box that wasn’t for me. Luckily, my youngest loves any accessory and as soon as she saw this hat, she plopped it on her head and happily took off with it.


The final thing in the box is also not very exciting, but I do like trying out new mascaras. This also came with $1 off coupon, so there is some value in it as well. However, it seems like more of an after thought vs a featured part of this box. *Shrug* I’ll still use it…

Revlon Bold Lacquer mascara

Approximate value = $7 plus $1 off coupon


So, there you have it. By my estimation, this box was worth about $110 – all for $39.99. All in all, I’m very happy with this box and I’m sure DH is happy that it saved us about $200 in a skipped mall trip or amazon.com cruising section. Thanks PopSugar!

*PopSugar isn’t paying me for this review, these are just my own opinions on a box I paid for.

So what do you think….would this scratch your shopping itch? If you’re interested in trying it, use this link http://popsu.gr/gAWJ - a link that includes a referral code – and there’s also a coupon (REFER5)  you can use to get $5 off on your first box!

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