This is the year where N will be going in to Kindergarten. For a few months earlier this year I was really worried about it, she’s my baby after all. Sending her out in to the world just seemed like such a big step, she’s only 5 for crying out loud. Eventually, I became more at peace about it, especially after talking with a friend who taught Kindergarten. Everything that she’ll learn, friends she’ll make, things she’ll experience. She’ll love it and will be a better person for it.

Last week the school sent us her supply list. And while that excitement about what she’ll be learning and experiencing was still there, doubt started to creep in. Is she ready? Will she be able to handle being gone all day? Of course, the biggest worry (for me anyway) – what will we do when/if she gets bullied or picked on?
All I can do is hope that we’ve made her confident enough to handle herself in those situations. She’s already asserting herself where usually she would just ignore things or laugh it off – she’s a very easygoing kid. At swim lessons, there’s an older girl who does everything she can to get everyone’s attention, much to the chagrin of her mom who, once the girl is dropped off with the instructor, buries her face in her phone until the very second our kids are released from lessons. Anyway, this girl has a tendency to splash the other kids, yell in their faces, etc. I’ve said something to the girl, the mom, the instructor etc but it continues so I decided to just re-iterate to Natalie that when it happens, it’s her job to tell the girl to stop. Yesterday, the girl was yelling in Natalie’s face and splashing her. Natalie looked at her and said, “please don’t splash me or yell at me, I don’t like it”. And you know what? The girls stopped! I almost did a cartwheel right there on the pool deck but somehow managed to restrain myself. Not only did Natalie stand up for herself, but she made the girl see that she was making someone uncomfortable…and she stopped!

So, while I’m still concerned about all of the obstacles N will be facing in school, I am once again excited for her to get started on her adventure!


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