My girls both wake up at or before 7am. Every day. No matter what time they go to bed the night before. It got me thinking…have you ever wondered what goes through their  little brains as they’re waking up for the day?

My eldest has always been what we call a “sleep hater”. She’s also the one that can bounce out of bed, ready to go first thing in the morning. She takes after her Dad, who for some reason only has to get 5ish hours of sleep a night (usually) and gets up before the crack of dawn. He would’ve been a great farmer.

My youngest, however, is much like me. She likes to wake up on her own, even though if her sister is up, she’s banging around making noise and wakes up the little one. Anyway, my youngest needs a little bit of time to adjust to the idea of waking up for the day – god love her – just like me.

So this morning, my eldest sprang one of those wake ups on me that gives parents nightmares. While not awake yet, I heard movement in my room that told me something was near. I crack and eye open and there she is….staring right at me. First thing she says? Is Daddy making waffles today.

So wonder no more, dear friends. At least with my kid, the first thing she’s thinking of is breakfast.


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Sometimes I'm the mom I want to be, sometimes I'd like to be better. Every day I learn something new, "hack" this mom gig, so to speak. Just thought I'd share it, maybe help someone else along the way...