Seattle weather

I’m just going to say it – there is NOWHERE more beautiful than Seattle in the summer. The mountains, the lake, the trees…etc. All amazing and I’m so grateful to live in this area.


but (you knew there was a but, right?)

It is SO. FREAKING. HOT. People…it’s overcast and/or rainy here for 9 months out of the year. We are not used to this heat! Right now I’m laying in a kiddie pool in my worst mom bathing suit with a “cool hat” on my head. (A cool hat is a wet washcloth, term and invention coined by my Grandfather-in-law).

HOT. With no end in site. Luckily, the girls are happy to hang out in their bathing suits, playing with the hose in the yard eating Popsicles all day. I say thankfully because after 9am, I don’t have the energy to do much more than that.

That said, Vive le Summer!

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Sometimes I'm the mom I want to be, sometimes I'd like to be better. Every day I learn something new, "hack" this mom gig, so to speak. Just thought I'd share it, maybe help someone else along the way...