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Lilsugar MomHacks


A PopSugar shout out – I LOVE this site. Fashion, Celeb news and even tips for your littles! Here is a post after my own heart (link goes to their, part of the family) with some AWESOME Mom Hack ideas… There are some really cute ideas here! I love the dish drainer/coloring organizer idea…so cute!

Amazon Mom promo


In a previous post, I mentioned how I use Amazon Mom for diapers, wipes, subscribe and save discounts…a whole bunch of stuff. Well, they’re having a promo that if you sign up for Amazon Mom (even a trial) and spend $10, you get $5 for using my referral code and I get $15! Then, of course, you can create your own referral code and spread the word, earning $15 for yourself with each sign up.  The Amazon Mom service is pretty amazing and with this referral code, you can’t beat it.

Earn $5 back for orders of $10 when you sign up through



Seattle Premium Outlets *Mom Hack*

img-center-Seattle Premium Outlets

Who doesn’t love a good discount?! As school shopping is upon us, I figured I’d give you one of my insider (not really) ideas. If you go to Seattle Premium Outlet Stores (the ones up North in Marysville/Tulalip) website and sign up for their VIP program, you get discounts in addition to whatever they’re offering in-store. For instance, today I went with my mom and after getting the VIP coupon book, we saved anywhere from 10% to 25% on top of all their sale prices. Pretty awesome.

Here’s the link to the VIP program. When you get to the outlet stores, you just sign in to the VIP program on your phone then show it to the people at the Customer Service/Information desk, which is in the food court area in the center of the stores. Once they’ve confirmed you’re a member they’ll give you a coupon book. Then, you just go to whatever store you want and show them your coupon book and get the additional discount! So far it seems pretty painless. They’ll send you a spammy e-mail every once in a while (less than once every two weeks or so) but that’s usually just to tell you about whatever discount is being featured. Burberry even had a 25% off coupon a couple of months ago, so there are a variety of stores that are included. It’s not every store though, because I have yet to see anything from Kate Spade….you take the ups with the downs, you know?

So anyway, if you’re headed up there any time soon, sign up for the VIP program and save yourself some (more) money!


Mom Hack #1 – Amazon Mom


Since coming up with the idea for this Website, I’ve thought long and hard about what my first “hack” would be. Now, for the intents and purposes of this website, I’m using the term “hack” as in the cool, geeky way to take apart code in order to make something better vs the negative connotation of hack to either a) take apart code to break something or b) like a doctor who gives out fake medicine. So, as we continue, just think of me as cool and geeky vs malicious and deceitful. Actually, forget I mentioned any of that. :)

So anyway, my first Mom Hack for this website is….Amazon Mom. Now, you’d have to be living under a rock to not have heard about Amazon. Drones? Jeff Bezos? No? How about free 2-day shipping?! Prices lower than Target most times? Order from your computer?

Amazon Mom is THE BEST. Seriously. In fact, I seriously don’t know if I would have survived the first year of each of the girls’ lives without being able to order diapers last minute, never mind the dark chocolate for my sanity or shampoo, if I ever got a chance to shower.

If you’ve never tried Amazon Mom, you get a 20% discount right off of their list price for most anything kid-related. A lot of things mom-related too. In addition to that, you get access to Amazon Instant movies, music, etc. It’s pretty amazing. Finally, the best part – free 2-day shipping. There’s usually an option to get things next day as well for $3.99 per item. I’ve used that quite often after I realized I pulled the last diaper from the box 3 hours ago. AH.MAZE.ING.

At $99, it can be kind of pricey. However, with the discounts on merchandise and the 2-Day shipping, I figured that I’ve saved at least 3 times that already this year and it’s only July!

They do offer a 30-day trial so if you’d like to try it, click here: Amazon Mom Free Trial

*Full disclosure: I wasn’t paid by Amazon for this post, just offering my honest review. However, if use that code to sign up I do make a “commission” by being an Amazon Mom referrer. If you have any questions about it, feel free to send me an e-mail!